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Project Description
This SDK provide a .NET interface for LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) Data Format, such as ILCD 1.1, EcoSpold v1 and EcoSpold v2
It uses custom Object Model and LINQ to XML

LCA Format
Please visit for more details about ILCD and ELCD
Please visit for more details about EcoSpold and Ecoinvent

===for Alpha (obsolete)===
Download elcd 2 data from, unzip it to a folder (e.g. C:\elcd2)
And download beta 0.1 binary zip file, unzip it , then add reference on your .NET 3.5 project.
Now , you can create an instance of ELCD2Reader class, use properties and methods to get information from ELCD2 data.

Although this project is beta , but you can use it in production.
For instance , I like to use it to convert ELCD 2 data into our LCA Data System which is a part of eBalance.

Please visit Documentation for Usage.

Release - Beta 0.1
===for Alpha (obsolete)===
This release provides a reader class(JRC.LCA.ILCD.SDK.ELCD2Reader) that contains some properties named AllXXX to get all information in specific folder, such as contacts, flowproperties, flows, processes, sources, unitgroups. And some methods named GetXXX to get information from single xml file.
Meanwhile ILCDClassification, ILCDFlowCategorization, ILCDLocations property fetch corresponding information.

Release - Beta 0.2
This release provides a reader and writer for ILCD format.
Only writer process xml file , not including flows

Zhu Yongguang zyg[]
IKE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Chengdu , China

If you have any problems, free feel to contact me via email

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